Network computer security service, namely anomaly detection, to restrict access to and by computer networks to and of undesired individuals.

MAURICE Computer systems analysis

Maurice’s Situ platform combines anomaly detection and data visualization to provide a distributed, scalable, streaming platform for discovering and explaining suspicious behavior to enhance situation awareness. “Situ” helps network operators discover and understand events that would otherwise go undetected. It reduces huge volumes of network data to a manageable number of events to be examined. This powerful tool is currently used at ORNL to detect abnormal cyber events.

Technical support services, namely, troubleshooting (identifying) anomalous data activities in an effort to prevent computer software breaches.

MAURICE Hardware Computer analysis

Maurice’s “Heartbeat” provides advanced detection against cyberattacks by focusing on the physical behavior of the device being protected. The Heartbeat system collects power trace measurements directly from the hardware, is invisible to malware, and is resilient to internet service interruption. This tool offers efficiency, scalability, and flexibility by implementing a data collection process with low computational requirements, is fast, and uses mechanisms that are present in almost all modern computing systems. 

Our Heartbeat monitoring service tracks hardware performance and processes and sends out historical reports and alerts.

Our team is providing further Research and Development to activate the same type of digital security for remote vehicles and distant computer assets. Delivering advanced security capabilities with Artificial Intelligence.